Checkpointmaster - NFC-based Patrol System

concept testing- and finetuning ongoing - partners/resellers are welcome

Shift Monitoring


Efficient tracking of guard shift starts.


Ensures punctuality and proper attendance.

Patrol Execution & Reporting


Real-time monitoring of checkpoint visits.


Improves accountability and operational efficiency.

Supervisor Patrol Monitoring


Overview of multiple guard patrols.


Effective management of resources and prompt response to issues.

Single-Tag Patrol


Handles one-time or periodic tasks.


Versatile and flexible solution for various security needs.

Checkpointmaster is in beta-test now with friendly customers, and will be commercially available soon.

Business models:

  • 1. Resale - make 30% profit from license sale, and additional profit from configuration and support.
  • 2. Whitelabel - create your own patrol-product quickly with minimal investment.
  • 3. OEM - tailored solution.

Checkpointmaster is in beta-testing now. If you are interested to join please email to

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