ridelink 1 - tool for harley rider

concept testing- and finetuning ongoing - partners/resellers are welcome


Android app for seamless communication with fellow riders, clubs, shops, and bars. Engage in group and private conversations, exchange text and images, track locations, and receive alerts when a fellow rider is unresponsive.


Messages to Stakeholders

Stakeholder Features Benefits
Drivers - Group and private audio
- Text and picture messaging
- Location tracking
- Man Down alerts
- Effortlessly communicate with your HOG crew
- Find undiscovered biker bars
- Access exclusive deals
Clubs - Web-admin to create accounts and groups
- Ads channel creation
- Manage your HOG network
- Connect with riders
- Offer exclusive perks
Dealers - Set circle geofence
- Send notifications and offers
- Reach the HOG community
- Showcase your unique offerings
- Enhance the rider experience
Bars - Set circle geofence
- Send notifications and offers
- Connect with the Harley-Davidson community
- Showcase your venue
- Attract riders seeking the perfect pit stop